Le Livre de Mangues par La Dame Marciana

Marciana. 27. Filipina. Bisexual. Libra. Also answers to Mango.

This blog is a crazy, disorganized amalgam of many of the things that make me what I am. I'm all about fandoms and jokes and laughter. Every so often, I will speak out. I don't really censor anything on this blog, so every so often, there WILL be NSFW art or text.

If you're wondering if there's anything we have in common, take a bit more time to browse around; it's not hard to figure me out.

Fair warning: I have a tendency to blog and reblog A LOT, to the point of flooding your dash with just me. Oh, and it gets raunchy and NSFW-y around here weekly, because I do TMI Tuesdays.

Also: follow my girlfriend Livi, she's beautiful, funny, talented, artistic, and I love her more than I can say. She also made my blog's banner!
~ Sunday, August 4 ~

"Johan’s power, as Njordr, is to pour oil on troubled waters." | "The power of my poetry bends mortals to my will." - [ X ]

Tags: the almighty johnsons ben barrington jared turner dean o'gorman fern sutherland AHAHAH I FORGOT THE NAME OF THE GUY WHO PLAYS DADDY JOHNSON also hahaha legit one of my fave new s3 things this gifset was fun to make omg it didn't take me nearly as long as my most recent sharlto copley gifset WOW THAT ONE TOOK ME MORE THAN 3 HOURS TO MAKE WTF this one only took about 1 and a half CHOIIIIIIICE my gifs my gifs means i made them gifciana
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