Le Livre de Mangues par La Dame Marciana

Marciana. 27. Filipina. Bisexual. Libra. Also answers to Mango.

This blog is a crazy, disorganized amalgam of many of the things that make me what I am. I'm all about fandoms and jokes and laughter. Every so often, I will speak out. I don't really censor anything on this blog, so every so often, there WILL be NSFW art or text.

If you're wondering if there's anything we have in common, take a bit more time to browse around; it's not hard to figure me out.

Fair warning: I have a tendency to blog and reblog A LOT, to the point of flooding your dash with just me. Oh, and it gets raunchy and NSFW-y around here weekly, because I do TMI Tuesdays.

Also: follow my girlfriend Livi, she's beautiful, funny, talented, artistic, and I love her more than I can say. She also made my blog's banner!
~ Saturday, January 5 ~
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