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Icons are one of those special things that not everybody knows about. When I first go up to comeone and ask them about icon topics I’m often greeted with a response that tells me that they aren’t really interested in talking about it.

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The space that they are missing is that icons are meaningful to the way we conduct ourselves everyday.

When you take the signs that are right beside us we can finally see that the representations of things are sometimes more powerful than the real thing.

Take symbols for example. When you pull apart an emblem into its separate pieces it becomes something deeper than it was originally intended. The new message that is being sent is one that will become more wonderful than the emblem in its previous condition.

The only one that you’re going to need to look out for is the sign that the icon isn’t ready to be an icon. When you ask it this very meaningful question you will be left with one of a possible two responses.

You will want to check out the pages on the website so that you can learn everything there is to know from Erik Rankin and friends.

It could say that it likes the way things are and doesn’t want them to change or and many time the more probable of the two possibilities, it will accept the change into becoming an icon and move on with its life.

This is the difference between the options can will many times create some confusion as to what’s going on. Rest assured that this is all normal and is part of the practice altogether.

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