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~ Thursday, April 24 ~

best of hobbitcon 2 (x)

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Partying with the dwarves at Hobbitcon. Stephen Hunter’s got the moves! He made me drop my phone out of pure excitement :P

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favourite moments at HobbitCon [9/a lot]
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HobbitCon 2014 : Dean O’gorman


HobbitCon 2014 : Dean O’gorman

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basically dean o’gorman has drawn fanart of fili and bombur (so far) and has fanart in his effing phone and shows them to his friends coz he’s a lil shit like that

dean o’gorman is one of us pass it on

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Dean reenacting yet again the letterbox incident after being asked about it. 

The funniest part was when he said it felt like being born again. 

If anyone wants to use any of my photos as their icon please message me and I can send you a better quality one :) 

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Dean’s curtsey during Toss the Dwarve
(gif made from photos)


Dean’s curtsey during Toss the Dwarve

(gif made from photos)

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and this, my friend, is why you sit in the second row right next to the entrance during a convention, even though it means you only take shitty photos

the story behind these two pics? well, on Saturday, everything was still very new and Sparkle and I kinda ignored the very first panel (it was somebody talking about the finale of the Hobbit, in German), and only sat down when the panel with Mark and Stephen started. I was taking pictures and listening, but at some point, Sparkle nudged me and pointed at a little piece of paper where she had written some names down

it was “Adam & Dean”, with a little arrow pointing to the front

only then I realised that they had seated themselves RIGHT IN THE FUCKING FRONT OF US, and I didn’t notice at all. they were quietly talking to each other, laughing about the funny things Stephen and Mark told, and then Jed joined them. I don’t know if you can see it in the picture, but he was wearing a really awesome vest, made up of hundreds of Hobbit screencaps from both movies

and then, Dean got out his phone and showed them some pics, looking at his facebook, and then he called up a picture, handing it over to Adam

yeah, it was a Dwalin/Ori fanart of them kissing

may I repeat: Dean O’Gorman has FanArt of Adam Brown and Graham McTavish as Ori and Dwalin on his phone, and just shows it around like some pictures of his dog or something (also, if I anyone might link me to a compilation of Dwalin/Ori fanarts of them kissing, with just their faces being shown in the picture, I’m pretty sure I’ll recognise it. It wasn’t from any FanArtist I know, though!)

*takes a deep breath* so, it’s basically no big surprise that I don’t remember much of that panel. there was also that awlward moment when Dean leaned back, stretching his arms, and I leaned forward to search something in my bag, and my hair kinda touched his hair

his hair smelled nice, yes

then there was also the moment when some girl dressed as Fíli got Dean’s attention somehow and was then photographed by him; I honestly believe that he has some kind of collection of Fíli cosplayers on his phone

in the end, I was contemplating just tapping Jed on the shoulder and telling him how awesome I think his vest looks, but I was very nervous and my heart was doing somersaults in my chest. when the panel was over, of course basically all the girls swarmed around them, and I was like “nope, not today”

and after that, I broke down and had to calm myself because I didn’t expect somethign so awesome to happen to us in the first two hours of this convention

( i had to bold some parts because i am equal parts cackling and hoping to let my fave fanartists who just happen to be following me know that deAN PREPARES FOR MULTI-DWARF CONS LIKE THIS)

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so i wanted to share my photos from hobbitcon 2014 because i love them very much ha

the first one’s from last year and i just got it signed this year. when i handed it to dean during the autograph session he literally said
"woah this totally looks like i’m checking you out!!”
well thanks you dick for making all the preparations to stay cool in your presence useless. i laughed (probs sounded a+ stupid doing that) and then started to shake again. i had tried to avoid that bc it was rlly bad last year and i at least wanted to be able to talk to him normally hahaa didn’t work too well
but he drew a cute little heart on it so he’s forgiven

and the second one’s this from this year. i actually wanted to kinda switch roles in comparison to last years photo and told him to just pretend he’s in shock (bc i was a year ago ha). well and he gave me this super cool shocked face so i had to laugh and well that’s how this picture happened

and then when dean signed the shirt my lovely best friend made for my birthday, i realised he drew an a+++++++ cute heart on it [internal screaming]. i’m still in shock ahahaa

i love dean so much i s2g this is gonna kill me sooner or later

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Yeah, probably. That’s why we’re both single. And that’s why Kili has to go to the Elves instead.
— Dean O’ Gorman when asked if Fili and Kili would be considered ugly by dwarf standarts. (via kittyprincessofcats)
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